Veteran Vs Newbie

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Tilly is a veteran taking on the newbie Zoey. Tilly treats her like a rag doll after she plays dirty and gets her down with a punch to the stomach! She has her in scissor holds and scissors, camel clutches and hand over mouth throughout the clip. She definitely dominates and shows Zoey her true strength! She finishes Zoey off by knocking her out and doing a sexy 10-count pin! Tilly talks about how awesome she is to her fans! Little does she know that Zoey has awakened and is fixing to be her karma. Zoey returns every thing Tilly tormented her with! She is one sexy bitch and I am thinking that she may have had previous training that none of us know about. We will not underestimate Zoey in the future! .
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $19.99 USD

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