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Hi! I am Paisley. I produce custom female action, competitive, and fantasy video clips. I also love shooting various other fetish clips! Please do not hesitate to reach out to inquire about what you would like.

Pricing varies depending on the type of content, length of clip, and numerous other add-ons. Please see below to get a general idea. Payments and scripts are normally requested a week prior to the shoot date.

RVQ Custom Prices:
10 minutes start at $250
15 minutes start at $300
20 minutes start at $400
30 minutes start at $600
40minutes start at $800

These are prices for our 2 girl and/or mixed custom shoots. Each additional girl is $100. Nude/erotic clips +$50-$100 Scene changes will be an additional charge Wardrobe changes will be an additional charge.

Additional add-ons:
-Custom in 4K +$50
-Priority delivery (3-5 days) +$50
-Expedited delivery (1-2 days) +$100

Standard delivery is anywhere between 5-14 days. Please specify if you’d like any of these add ons. Some special requests are no extra charge and others require an extra fee. Scripts that are really long and detailed may possibly have an additional fee

Any other questions you might have just add it after your script below:

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Your Budget

    Length of custom:

    Model preference:

    Wardrobe requests:

    Pay service you use:

    About Your Custom Video Request


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    The custom video I received from Paisly was absolutely FIRE!!! Paisley really does a fantastic job of putting together your custom video. I really appreciated that she bought the exact pair of pants I had in mind, even when I didn’t ask her to purchase the pair. For me, this was a huge plus because not every producer goes out of their way to make sure your custom is exactly what you’d like it to be. Most of the time, I settle for less than I’m paying for, but not with Paisley. I would highly recommend using Paisley if you’re interested in ordering a custom video from her. I know I will be ordering another one from her again.

    This was my second custom order from RVQ. Not the last. I just had a chance to watch the video in its entirety,

    My expectations have been exceeded and the bar has been raised to an all time high for me. In some ways, it’s very disappointing because it will be nearly impossible for any other studio to come even close! Celeste and Nicole, (although this is probably their first time oil wrestling), absolutely convinced me that this match was legit. Both women, so beautiful, and able to play up the competitive attitude— stunning in the oil. I am so grateful that all of you were available to record such a spectacle. You’ve checked all the boxes that I look for in a custom and more more more. Fuck, thank you!!!
    I have nothing but kind words for everyone who made this possible. Dream match following this would be Jasmine and Celeste ??

    I do think the whole bottle of olive oil and the backyard pool was a great touch.

    The biggest thanks.

    I ordered my first custom and it was everything and more than I expected. Paisley and Dakota overdelivered and I will be a customer forever

    Paisley is the best! This is the second time I’ve ordered from here and she and her team exceeded what I was expecting. The custom I ordered featured her and Zoey and they are the best in this business! From now on I’m ordering from her and I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Paisley! You’re the Queen in my book!

    I recently ordered a custom match from Paisley’s team. The production quality was top-notch, with excellent lighting and camera work. The angles really captured the intensity and passion of the catfight, making it incredibly engaging to watch. The choreography of the fight itself was impressive. It was clear that a lot of effort and planning went into creating authentic fight sequences that were both exciting and believable. The attires were perfect and exactly how I imagined it would be. The fight itself was spicy, as a lover of all things spicy I found myself watching the video over and over again! All the moves I requested were there and the finish is exactly how I wanted it to be. Both girls were very professional and amazing, easily producing one of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Overall this custom video was a fantastic production. Thank you very much Paisley for all your hard work and dedication in making top quality videos.

    Paisley does an incredibly professional job when completing customs. Not only does she have the best models, but she understands what and how to deliver to the customer, she’s always timely, and she’s experienced. My latest custom was great as always. I’ve been doing business with Paisley ever since she went into this custom video business and will continue to do so as long as she keeps doing it. She and her company are the best in the business for quality, experience, and end product. Highly recommend.

    Just recently ordered a Custom Request from Paisley. She honestly did a fantastic job in making sure all my needs and requests were met, was very helpful in helping me choose the models that were available, remained kind and totally honest throughout the process and delivered exceptionally well on the video. She was very helpful in understanding what I wanted and putting wardrobe requests in and I am totally pleased with the final outcome. Would completely recommend RVQ to other customers if you’re looking for custom requests videos. Paisley and the team did a fantastic job.

    I highly recommend ordering a custom from Paisley. She did a fantastic job with my last custom. I was really blown away with her and Zoey’s performance. Paisley was very friendly and easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. I really appreciated the extra effort that Paisley put forth making sure my custom came out exactly how I wanted it to. She was very helpful with putting together the wardrobe and offering recommendations to my script. Needless to say, I was very happy with the outcome of my video and plan on ordering another one from her soon. 

    Not my first custom, but will be my last with any other companies bar Paisleys. Her company has outshone all others, others weren’t bad (used Cali Logan’s, U.K. wrestlers one, modest moms wrestling, Keri Spectrum etc; these just a few). Just Paisley is absolute dream to work with, details that were missed out in others weren’t in here, no slight adjustment. Best word to describe it is just “perfect”, nothing was missed.

    If your looking at customs and looking at reviews and happen to be reading mine and your unsure.Please please, Trust me, 100% swear on my life go with paisleys (rvq entertainment). By far best, communication theirs no one better, discussing options theirs no one better, filming exactly how requested theirs no-one better. Just everything in general is ahead of all other companies I’ve used.

    She goes out her way compared to others to get it exactly how you want. Jasmine played good jobber, that gets me into next bit want to praise Zoey aswell was so good in the custom, done everything according to script (looked amazing as usual). Looking to do another one in future with paisley and Zoey teaming up.

    Summarise 10/10 + 5 stars, but ideally would love to say 100/10 exceeded expectations and then some.

    Came here for my first custom video and I was not disappointed! Paisley was amazing and patient with the video I requested when communicating. The video itself was everything I wanted and more, Paisley really made it her own! Will be contacting her for more customs soon.

    One of the best videos I ever watched was a custom I ordered involving Paisley and Zoey. Setup was easy, and Paisley is very friendly throughout, offering input and suggestions. The custom was carried out exactly as I requested. Will definitely order again

    Paisley did a great job with my custom request! She was very friendly and easy to work with when setting up the details for the video. She did everything that was requested and the video was amazing! Would definitely recommend.

    I recently ordered a custom video and both the collaboration to make the video fit my request and the final product were fantastic. When requesting a custom video, one is often worried if the details that make the video fit what one seeks will be under-emphasized. Paisley and team did a great job of listening to what I was seeking and really got the tone and the pacing in the video right. It made all the difference in creating not only a custom that met expectations but really made it special.

    Wonderful job on the custom, did it exactly as requested. Would definitely recommend, and plan to order more customs.

    My most recent custom is easily within the top 3 customs I have ever received. Just to give you an idea, I have well over 20 customs under my belt and this one absolutely BLEW ME AWAY! This is seriously the pinnacle of wrestling/foot domination clips. Something that I’ll be using to compare any future clips I watch to from now on. Paisley, Peyton, and Bella really outdid themselves here, I was actually in disbelief. It was so hot how you all pretty much just went for it the whole time which I really appreciated. Having everything be as real as possible was exactly what I was looking for. The genuine foot smothering and the obviously very stinky feet were a true dream come true. What I would have given to have been a fly on the wall of this shoot LMAO. Awesome and creative foot smothers from everyone (especially the nose pinches with the toes), super sexy and even sometimes hilarious dialogue, great camera work from whoever was operating it ( I never felt like I was missing any of the action and there were some fantastic close-ups) and the addition of the opening to set everything up and having everyone give a little preview of how bad they got their feet to smell was genius (plus going over time was much appreciated). Also, the part where you literally had to walk off set to clean your face was maybe my favorite moment from the whole video. A huge thank you to all of you for agreeing to this as it didn’t look easy to deal with from the footage LOL. I’ve honestly had a string of a few pretty bad customs lately and this experience has made those bad ones worth it. It’s obvious from interacting with paisley that she genuinely cares about how her productions turn out and it shows in the end product. Easy to work with and a genuinely sweet person to boot!
    This thing was magic on screen. A nearly 50 minute epic production filled with real 2vs1 semi-comp wrestling and genuinely stinky foot domination that has to be seen to be be believed!!!

    I ordered a custom recently and it was exactly what I envisioned and more! The girls were so hot and skilled. The camera work was on point. The picture was beautiful and crisp! I got the expedited delivery and the clip was delivered within a few hours after the shoot. Paisley stayed up until 2am to edit and deliver clip. Will definitely order clips from Paisley in the future!

    Quick, awesome service. Paisley is great to work with, receptive to ideas and always responds quickly. Well worth every penny. I consider it the standard-bearer for this genre. Will definitely be a repeat customer in the future!

    I recently ordered a custom featuring Claudia and Aly and I got to say this was one amazing catfight! Both girls were amazing and it was a very close match! Both girls clearly tried hard not to loose. In the end we have a winner using her amazing weapon to smother her opponent and to claim victory. The ending was hot, hot, hot. The quality was so excellent that it looked like a real catfight! All my requests were included in the video and more! Everything was amazing and the delivery of my video was on time. The service was great and email responding time was fast. The overall experience was smooth and simple. Overall this was an amazing custom for me to watch and will definitely watch it over and over again. Please give my thanks to Claudia, Aly, and to you of course for all your hard work, dedication, and making my custom happen. Definitely recommend ordering a custom with RVQ Entertainment! Prices are reasonable, quality is amazing, they have the hottest models, delivery is on time, and overall customer service is excellent!