Shit-Talking Gym Rats

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A gritty short film starring Anastasia and Payton, two fierce competitors with a long-standing rivalry. The film opens with both women stretching, exchanging intense stares that hint at the tension to come. As they begin to work out, Payton confronts Anastasia about an undisclosed issue, sparking a heated exchange of sharp words.
The confrontation quickly escalates into a physical altercation, starting with a shoving match that evolves into slapping and hair pulling. Payton, desperate to gain the upper hand, locks the exit, trapping them both in the room. The fight intensifies, with both women employing a range of wrestling moves and techniques to gain dominance.
Anastasia, known for her aggressive style, utilizes the environment to her advantage, using various items in the room to punish Payton. She employs scissor holds, face sits, and even uses her body in a shocking display of dominance. Payton, not to be outdone, resorts to more painful tactics.
The battle reaches a fever pitch as Anastasia, fueled by rage, unleashes a series of punishing attacks on Payton, culminating in a dramatic and controlling finish. The film explores themes of rivalry, power dynamics, and the lengths to which people will go to assert their dominance.
This Clip Includes:
Hair Pulling
Scissor Holds
Face Sits
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 21 Minutes
Price: $.18. 99USD

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