Triple Threat Battle

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Newbies Elvia and Asma decide to gang up on the more sed and experienced Adrianna. They felt she would be the real threat even though this was a Triple Threat match where its every woman for themselves. It worked for a short time until Asma tried to capitalize on the pin count to get the win and was stopped by Elvia. Then it became a back and forth attack on each girl as Adrianna used these moments to gain more an opportunity to win. Eventually Adrianna ended up dominating both young ladies using her ss and experience to overwhelm them. The sexy but yet total domination that Adrianna had on these two beauties. She was quite clever in keeping them secure until she finally finished both of them via K0s of course and even pinned both at same time just making it seem so easy and humiliating them as well. By far one of the sexiest matches ever filmed by Dreamland and RVQ Entertainment..
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 21 Minutes
Price: $18.00 USD

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