Tilly Beats A Lesson Into Keri

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When you have two veteran wrestling powerhouses as Keri And Tilly in match, anyone would aspect it to be a hard fought back and forth battle with one lady barely winning over her opponent. Well I would like to tell you that this match shatters all of these expectations!! Keri does the fatal error of infuriating Tilly at the beginning of the match and pays a dear price to that mistake. Tilly just jumps over Keri and never lets go, torturing her by breast claws, nipple twists, breast squeezes, facesits, all kinds of headscissors and bodyscissors and even resorts to crotch attacks on the helpless Keri. Tilly just has too much fun beating up Keri who is reduced to a crying crumbling mess at the end of the match. This match serves a warning to all of Tilly’s future opponents. Never make Tilly angry or you will suffer the consequences. Just ask Keri!!.
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