Letty Battles Nikki Darling


This intense match features statuesque beauty Nikki Darling versus ebony princess Letty in this knockout match. Letty starts by surprising the bigger Nikki by a rear naked choke/ bodyscissors combo knocking her out and pinning her for the 5 count pin. This seems to anger Nikki who takes total control of the match after that knocking Letty out multiple times using front chokes, reverse headscissors, dragon sleeper and stomach claw. But just when you think the match is going to be a one sided affair, Letty roars back into the match stunning Nikki by multiple headscissors, smothers and a sexy double leg carotid squeeze nearly making the score even. The match ends by one lady knocking the other out by a reverse figure four headscissors and sending her to dreamland for good. So will Letty complete the comeback or will Nikki Darling seal the deal. Buy this great video to find out!!.

Video Information:

Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 27 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD

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