K0d In Bikinis Tracy’s Total Domination

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Sophia thought she was have some regular training in wrestling from the experienced Amazon Tracy and man she was ever wrong. She becomes just another victim to Tracy painful tactics. As a cat-fighter she already has retired one fighter and she loves to rough it up with anyone. Sophia just gets the bad end of the straw on this one and she is obligated into Tracy’s pussy and ass with facesitting and then squeezed silly between her headscissors. Of course Tracy did a few back breaking camel clutches and Boston Crabs but mainly she squeezed and constricted Sophia to the point of exhaustion. The end was near for Sophia as Tracy locked on a naperhold and it was lights out for her and she was pinned for the 10 count as Tracy sits on her in a schoolgirl pin and flexes her victory.
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 22 Minutes
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