Asma vs Tracy Topless Battle

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So this was The Amazon Tracy’s final match and I pretty much retired her with an ass kicking. Well actually she did get in some good moves on me and even humiliated me by shoveling her dirty feet in my face. Its ok because I shoved my ass in her face at the beginning and the end of the match to further humiliate her and show her who I am and what I am all about. If that was not bad enough I attacked her  nipples every chance I got and squeezed her with my hand on her mouth. That will teach her not piss me off since she had the nerve to sit her sweaty ass on my face at one point. We had a good fight though but in the end I refuse to let this bitch or any bitch beat me on my mats so I squeezed her ass out with my signature move foot and ankle squeeze. So this is a warning to all females and even males who want to challenge me. They end up knocked the fuck out on my mats and my ass on their faces! Extra treat for you all as we were both topless. You are welcome! .
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