Adrianna Scissors While Relax

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A masked intruder attempts to attack Adrianna while she is naping. He firsts pulls off the covers displaying her sexy long legs and she wakes she jumps back in a panic. He then tries to pull her to him by grabbing her feet which turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. She knows how to defend herself and and locks her dangerous legs around his neck and begins squeezing him while holding him down. He just couldn’t get loose and was stuck between her thighs as she scissors to a K0. She doesn’t let go of him and in fact she tells him as he is naping between her legs that she is tired that she feels he is secure and she will now nap. some minutes later he wakes and begins squirming again and so she continues to keep him secured between her thighs and squeezes once again to make him nap. So tired after using this energy she falls back to nap again. Once again he wakes and starts squirming until she switches positions and continues to squeeze him until he is out. This happens a few times until she finally tires of him and decides to finish him once and for all. She has him locked up tight in a reverse fig 4 and after she makes him pass out she then straightens her legs out and jerks his neck between her thighs breaking it instantly. She covers him up and she is so tired she goes back to nap while he is under the covers never to awake again and bother her. .
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 17 Minutes
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