You Scrawny Little Thing!

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Celeste and Zoey Chanel Celeste and Zoey face off. Zoey thinks Celeste is a joke… She so tiny and Zoey is sure she will break Celeste. The lock up and the match begins. There’s lots of talking throughout the match. Pretty early on Zoey gets Celeste in a figure four headlock. Celeste fades out. Zoey proceeds to check limbs and gets in her 10-count leg hook pin! She doesn’t wait for celeste to come to before locking in a rear naked. Celeste wakes to her unfaithful fate! Celeste eventually goes out again. Zoey checks her eyes and limbs again before doing her leg hook pin. Zoey wakes Celeste up in a front facing body scissor. This goes on for awhile before Celeste sees a bear hug opportunity! Zoey may have just sealed her fate! Celeste squeezing every last ounce of air out of Zoey. We have limb checks and a pin! She treats Zoey with the same kindness as Zoey treated her with. She doesn’t wait for Zoey to come to… She gets her in a figure four head lock! Zoey is awakened by this fate before going out again. This time after limb check and pin she gets Zoey in a rear naked to awaken her! Zoey goes out in the same manner and after the usual Celeste decides to awaken her with another rear naked. This time she makes sure it’s the last time. The weakened Zoey goes out quicker. Celeste performs an eye check, a double leg pin, then seals it with a beautiful victory pose! This clip includes: Scissors Figure 4s KO’s Leg Hook Pins Eye Checks Limb Checks Bear Hug .
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD

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