Vivian Gets Destroyed

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Vivian and Kat are excited to meet on the mats. Words have been said and people are upset. They need to fight it out to clear the once and for all. Both girls do an introduction. They show off their slim fit bodies before removing their tops. They meet on the mats for a face-off. Kat smirks and laughs at Vivian before she realizes that Vivian means business. Maybe she put a little pressure on Kat to start off strong! The match begins with Celeste watching in the back ground; enjoying the views and making sure they follow all of the rules! Kat starts off pretty strong getting Vivian in a tight head scissor! Vivian is in obvious pain fighting to get out when Kat snatches on a figure-four not giving Vivian any sort of break! Finally during a move switch, Vivian starts to escape but Kat gets a quick body scissor on Vivian. The pain is so tough for Vivian that she can barely handle it! Kat is unimpressed by Vivian attempts to escape. She switches to a guillotine showing off her beautiful ass and Vivians beat red face! Kat then transitions to a seated while she Vivians legs open. Kat looks at the camera to make sure the viewers are seeing all of the goods before she transitions to an arm bar. Vivian tries everything possible to make sure that Kat doesn’t tear the ligaments. Kat gets frustrated and decides what Vivian really needs is a really harsh camel clutch! Vivians legs kick and smash the mats as her eyes beg the viewer to help her out of this tor t u rous move! Kat covers Vivians mouth with both hands and interlaced fingers making it difficult for Vivian to catch her breath through all of the pain. Before you know it, Kat is on to the next best thing… nipple attacks! Vivians nipples don’t stand a chance before she is flipped over and Kat plants her ass and pussy on Vivians face to continue attacking Vivians nipples. Vivian is finally able to flee! a few seconds later she is pulled back by Kat ready to inflict lots more nipple pain! Kat then gets Vivian in a very intense skull crusher. Vivian breaks away and is able to flee again momentarily before Kat grabs her and pulls her to the couch in a seated. Kat spreads Vivians legs to the max while she attacks Vivians nipples and inflicts serious pain on her. Kat covers Vivians mouth to limit the breathable air and minimize the noise! Next comes the tight  Watch as Vivians eyes roll behind her head as she’s gasping for what little lights she has left! Finally her weakened body gets rolled over, pulled to the center of the mats. Celeste gets up and helps Kat do a limb check. Kat then proceeds to show off her trophy to the camera. She then hooks a leg and Celeste and Kat start to count together! Kat finishes off with a foot on face Victory pose before walking off. Vivian really took a beating in this clip! Will she recover?!

This clip includes:
Figure 4s
Leg Hook/10-Count Pin
Camel Clutch
Nipple Attacks
Arm Bar
Skull Crusher
Limb Check
Foot on Face Victory Pose

Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 22 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD

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