Tracy Suffers Underneath Sophia

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New girl Sophia makes her debut using Tracy’s face for her revenge from an earlier match. Sophia was pissed and she even decided not to return to our mats however she did have much fun all over Tracy’s face in this clip. Its a good thing Tracy could actually hold her breath for long periods and she did prove it as Sophia squeezed the heck out of her. Sophia just enjoyed exacting her revenge on Tracy in this clip. She didn’t just squeeze she also squeezed Tracy in various headscissors. She has Tracy in so many squeezing positions as she taunted her and Tracy’s end came as Sophia sat on Tracy using her shin to squeeze Tracy while squeezing her face with her ass into a K0..
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $17.00 USD

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