Tilly’s Total Domination On Shauna Ryanne

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Well this was Shauna Ryanne’s first K0d In Bikinis series match up but too bad it didn’t turn out well for her. Tilly was her opponent and they started out with clothes before stripping down to their bikinis. Tilly became quite the hand full for Shauna as she put her through a variety of holds that Shauna just couldn’t get out of. Tilly enjoyed taunting Shauna while Shauna did manage to cry out quirky remarks as well cry out in pain. Holds that were used were an armbar, headscissors, naperhold, full nelson with bodyscissors and of course pro style dominations. When all was said and done Tilly just had to finish Shauna with her favorite squeeze The Tilly Plata which had Shauna heading into Dreamland and she was very satisfied with her work.
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