Tilly Vs Peyton


What happens when Tilly and Peyton, two of the most feared girls at RVQ, go head to head? Tilly is known for her unbearably tight scissors and Peyton is known for her aggressive advanced holds. Tilly is a firecracker and she will not let Peyton embarrass her on the mats! She starts off strong doing head scissors, reverse scissors and figure-fours. She squeezed her and shoves Peytons face in her tits aggressively. She is great at humiliating Peyton until the roles reverse. Peyton does some beautiful holds on Tilly. Head scissors, figure-fours, etc. She finishes her off with a variety of moves ending with her victory on Tillys face! .

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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 11 Minutes
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