Thief Punishment

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Theres a robber who’s ready to score and a homeowner ready to send these fuckers to jail! Rhythm broke into the wrong house! Rhythm is searching around when Paisley breaks in and holds her against the shower, letting her know that she’s already called the police. Paisley is smushing and squishing Rhythms. face all over the glass. Rhythm escapes and makes a run for it but Paisley isn’t that far behind. Rhythm trips and Paisley jumps on top making her to stay down with a foot in her face. The foot gets used for squishing, in the mouth, under the chin, gently rubbing and taunting. There is lots of face squishing and smushing until rhythm bucks off Paisley and makes another run for it. Paisley quickly grabs Rhythm by the ankle and pulls her back. She reverse sits her and  makes her head into her feet squishing her nose up making it hard to breath; essentially draining her of energy! She does this until th ecops show up.

Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 22 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD


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