The Sadistic Lesbian

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Poor Kitty was such non caring free spirit person that loved to have too much fun for her own good. It all comes to an end when she wakes up and finds herself tied up and unable to remember how she got there. Enter Holly Nicole a very dangerous woman with vengeance on her mind walks to her to begin her pain session on Kitty. Kitty asked and cursed about why she was even there. Holly simply informs her of her sexual acts with her girlfriend. Kitty denies this and demands to be let free. Holly squeezes Kitty first using her foot to her throat enjoying her sqiurm and then eventually lays down to locks her dangerous thighs around Kitty’s neck. This becomes a long constricting pain session for Kitty as she continues to deny the accusations until she finally rem members that the woman she was messing around with had a supposed crazy ex. Which obviously now it is Holly. According to Holly however her and her girlfriend are still together and she feels Kitty has interfered in her relationship. Thus why the crushing of Kitty’s throat is what Holly is focused on doing. After she has felt enough of vengeance has been exact on Kitty she now aims to finish Kitty once and for all by simply using all her leg muscles and quickly jerking Kitty’s neck fiercely with power and snapping the poor girl’s neck ending her in forever silence.
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $11.00 USD

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