The Purple Queen!

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Paisley and Regan stood face to face on the wrestling mat, both clad in purple thong lingerie sets. They were fierce competitors, known for their high energy and aggressive fighting style. As the referee gave them the signal to begin, they exchanged heated words. “Well, well, well…If it isn’t Paisley Prince!” Regan taunted. “I thought after the last 10 times I whupped ya ass you had long since retired! And bitch, why are you wearing purple? I’m the only royalty queen on these here mats!” Paisley scoffed and pushed Regan. “Look, bitch, you might think you all that and a bag of chips, but trust me…I am THE Purple Princess. And today, I will give you a royal ass whoopin’ you won’t forget!” Regan laughed. “You wanna know how many times a bitch told me she’d whupp my ass and ended up in the hospital or retiring after the match? A million! And you’re next in line, you fake ass princess!” She pushed Paisley back twice. But Paisley wasn’t intimidated. “Regan, you might have been great in the past, but today you will fall,” she declared confidently. “It’s gonna be Paisley Prince doing a purple reign all over your ass!” With that, Regan couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh yeah? Well I’m the 10-time women’s champ and I’m tired of talking! COME HERE BITCH!” With lightning speed, she grabbed Paisley and put her into a jumping headlock, grabbing her hair for extra measure. “This is what champions do, bitch! How ya like it?!” The fight was on. Both girls use several moves to control their opponents but they could only get submissions from reverse ass shaking head scissors. It was a close match, with both fighters using their signature moves like reverse ass shaking head scissors and body splashes. But in the end, Regan came out on top, defeating Paisley 3 to 2. As punishment for her loss, Regan was allowed to perform any hold she wanted on Paisley. She relished in the opportunity, using it as a chance to talk even more trash and prove her dominance as the reigning champion. The crowd cheered and jeered as Regan showed no mercy, solidifying her title as the Purple Princess Revenge. And as for Paisley? She she hid in her while weak and defeated on the mats. This clip includes:  Talking Scissors  Jumping Headlocks Body Splashes Camel Clutch Hair Pulling Figure 4 Headscissor Breast Over Mouth .
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Length: 18 Minutes
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