Teacher Learns A Lesson

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Well Adrianna thought she was going to teach her playmate friend and student Emma on how to wrestle. Of course Emma suffered a little bit of Adrianna’s domination holds but it didn’t last very long as Emma was starting to catch on. Emma had this cute innocent type of personality that made her seem harmless but she was far from it. Emma started to apply the same wrestling holds herself and actually started to even apply a few other holds that Adrianna did not teach her. Emma completely squeezes Adrianna using her DD breast and even her skimpy thong and ass as well which was very humiliating for Adrianna as well as suffocating. After so much agony Adrianna endured at the hands of Emma she ends up being knocked out by Emma as Emma just was too much for her to handle. Emma leaves her to her nap and puts a pillow under her head. So perhaps next time Adrianna should be more careful being a mean girl to her friends because then it might backfire the way it did this time. .
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