Stella Facesitting Her Boyfriend Chris

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Stella has had enough of her lazy boyfriend and aimed to teach him a lesson in and . He sure didn’t expect her to get tough on him but she snapped and just jumped on him and starting squeezing him with her 5’10 tall 150lbs frame just crushing him on the bed. She actually enjoyed this as she was frustrated with him so this helped relieve her stress. While wearing a lingerie type outfit she did her best make sure he couldn’t breath as she switch it up in several positions but making sure his nose and mouth were covered by her crotch and ass. When she was tired of sitting on him she laid it down and wrapped her pythonic thighs around his head and squeezed while squeezing his face into her crotch and ass. There was no mercy for him and soon she squeezed him to the point of a K0. After teaching him a lesson she was well satisfied with her actions and even picks up the phone to contact her boyfriend. .
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