Facesitting Lessons

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Welp you can’t piss off Adrianna and expect not to get her ass and thighs wrapped around your neck and face. She aims to humiliate Jocelyn her pot head roomy for not sticking to their hang out plan of going to the beach. Adrianna immediately jumps on Jocelyn’s face wearing her sexy bikini continuously suffocating Jocelyn and constricting her airflow between her wrestler thighs. After a while She releases Jocelyn to her room and lays in waiting for her to get dressed for their outing. Jocelyn comes back wearing a thong and bra and jumps on Adrianna to teach her a lesson of her own in squeezing and squeezing. Lots of taunting from Jocelyn as she made sure she gave enough air to Adrianna to survive but still kept her down for more suffering. Finally Jocelyn was ready to move on and go to the beach herself but before she could do that she makes sure Adrianna is naping soundly. She puts a pillow over her face and leaves.  .
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $15.00 USD

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