Sisterly Love

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Peyton is patiently awaiting her sisters arrival. They will be going to the beach today and out shopping. Celeste arrives very excited and eager to go on their girls day. They hug each other for a lengthy amount of time before Celeste realized how hard Peyton is squeezing. She demands Peyton let her go because she cannot . Peyton tells her she will not and that she knows that Celeste is cheating on her brother. Peyton will teach Celeste a lesson. Peyton picks Celeste up dangling her legs above the floor like a ragdoll while Celeste continues to complain that she can’t breathe and that she’s being squished. Peyton then throws her on to the floor while Celeste grabs her ribs. After a bit Peyton decides to put her through the ringer with multiple moves. Including, but not limited to, school-girl pin, matchbook pen, many figure fours, head scissors, body scissors, and walking her around by her hair! Celeste is no match for the fury that Peyton has. All the while, Payton is wearing Celeste down and draining her of any energy she may have. Peyton puts her on the floor and proceeds to do an extremely rough skull crusher. Celeste is nearly out of it when Peyton throws her on the couch and starts smashing her body with her own body. Celeste hardly conscious while still complaining and slapping weekly all while begging Peyton to stop. Peyton will not stop easily. She decides to finish the pathetic Celeste off with a rear naked. Celestes air is spewing out of her lungs before she is completely KO’d and helpless on the floor with her tongue out! This ending complies with the guidelines of Segway. To see the extended ending please purchase on Gumroad!

This clip includes:

Lots of figure fours
Schoolgirl pin
Matchbook pin
Rear naked
Hair pulling
Bear hug
Lift & Carry
& more!

Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 23 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD

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