Regan v Zoey ft. in Cat & Mouse!

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Regan is back and she is back strong! She goes up against newbie Zoey. Zoey got a few moves on Regan before I realized that Regan was just playing a game with poor little Zoey. I had to chuckle to myself while filming. These girls definitely put in some work prior to shooting. Does Zoey have what it takes to go neck and neck with Regan? I would’ve not wanted to be in Zoeys place! Although, I think I would’ve had a better chance of beating Regan! XP You have to check out this match between them and tell me if you think Regan is playing like a nice kitty! .
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $16.99 USD

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