Please Bust My Lady Balls!

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Zoey Chanel & Paisley Zoey abd Paisley enter the mat space for their weekly training. Last week Zoey accidentally kicked Paisley in the Cunt. Paisley was in a lot of pain and it actually ended the session. Zoey thought Paisley needed to leave the week before because of pain but she actually needed to leave because she was so turned on that she had to rush home and masturbate. This week Paisley is so excited for her session with Zoey. She’s also a bit nervous but that is because she is going to ask Zoey a big favor and tell her her big secret. After a quick chat Paisley asks Zoey the big question and admitted to being turned on but getting her cunt busted. Zoey agrees to surprise Paisley through their match with some busts. The match starts, they lock up, and Paisley takes a knee to the stomach before getting a big kick to her pussy. Zoey drops to her knee and starts destroying Paisleys cunt. Paisley didn’t realize what she got herself into! She wasn’t expecting a beat down like this!! However, she was thoroughly enjoying it. After awhile she takes a break to rub her throbbing pussy. Zoey is getting really curious and asks Paisley to do it to her to see what it feels like. Paisley agrees and goes right in for the. Zoey realizes that she doesn’t like it pretty early on but Paisley keeps pounding away… She’s way too turned on to stop! This pisses Zoey off and once Zoey gets her pussy mauled every which way she takes the opportunity to flip the script. Paisley begs Zoey to bust her pussy until she cuts all over herself and thats exactly what Zoey does! .
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Length: 24 Minutes
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