Peyton vs Dana Wang Topless Battle

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Peyton wanted to show the new girl Dana Wang what female wrestling is all about. Dana didn’t take any of it seriously until the pain started to kick in as Peyton put her in holds. It was a total of 12 mins or more pain Dana had to endure until Peyton was good and ready to let her be. Peyton isn’t the type of female to make things easy. She made sure Dana learned her lesson when she was done and pinned her for the 10 count and with a victory pose. Dana later comes back wanted to show Peyton that she did learn her lesson and that she was going to show her what she learned. Peyton was not expecting this as she was grab unexpectedly from behind by Dana and scissored with Dana’s strong legs. The end for Peyton was not soon enough as Dana made sure she didn’t let Peyton forget her either. A sexy pin count on Peyton and Dana flexes her victory.
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 20 Minutes
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