Paisley Gets Revenge

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Lucy Mae is the new girl on the block and she is not threatened by Paisley. She’s rough, she’s tough, and she is definitely a badass! Paisley came to teach her a lesson or maybe no lesson at all. Lucy trips Paisley and takes her down. She fights dirty with some breast punish while she has Paisley in squeezeholds, camel clutches, scissors. Any hold she can get her body positioned in. She is ruthless as she throws Paisley around like a rag-doll. She finally puts paisley to rest. Fast forward. Lucy is stretching as Paisley walks in to join her. They have small civil talk until Paisley does a sneak attack! With the schoolgirl pin, various squeezes, scissors, breast squeezed, and hand squeezes; it is obvious that Paisley is having the sweetest revenge! .
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 20 Minutes
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