Only Losers Pay Rent

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This feature match is between the RVQ star Misty and the super sexy Lucy Mae. I will be honest… This is one sexy match. It starts off with Misty saying how annoying her roommate Lucy is being and that she will kick her ass. Lucy joins the conversation to throw in that Misty did not pay rent. Misty doesn’t think she should pay rent since her $400 jeans were stretched out. They tie up and Lucy dominates for the first half. She uses Scissors, scissor holds, breast attacks, and finally knocks her out with a body scissor, rear-naked, and hand over mouth suffocation. Misty pulls a classic and sneak attacks Lucy as she is gloating over her victory. Misty puts Lucy in variety of moves. She combines hair-pulling and suffocation throughout. I think Lucy particularly hated the boob sweat that Misty was suffocating het with at one point. Misty knocks Lucy out with a body scissor, rear-naked, and over mouth suffocation. Does Lucy get up to finish her off? Watch now to find out! .
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 19 Minutes
Price: $17.99 USD

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