Misty Battles Jessica

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This started as a wrestling mach between these two and it got heated real quick. They have never met each other until this time and Jessica being gone a while didn’t know Misty was good at out wrestling her opponents but Jessica hadn”t forgot all her moves as it came to her when being put through Misty’s domination holds. However Jessica got a point where she was quite tired of Misty and begin ramming her into the wall and beating on with punches and knees. Misty has been in a few good brawls herself so she fought back beating up Jessica with some hard knees to her body and her face. In fact Misty enjoy her knees to Jessica’s face over and over until Jessica had to turn the tables and gave Misty a low blow. From there Jessica came back to her usual ass kicking self she was before she was gone and just gave Misty the beating of her life. When she wasn’t smashing Misty’s face with knees, punches and elbows she put Misty through some headscissors using her powerful thighs to squeeze Misty out. It was over and Jessica made sure she showed Misty who she was before Misty came onto her mats..
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