Messed With the Wrong Fem

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A henchmen enters her home thinking he will teach her a lesson since that was what he was hired for. it immediately backfires on him as he finds out real quick she was the wrong assignment for him to take on. She beats him down and plants her hell on him making suffer while she interrogates him as to who sent him. As the scene fades it opens to where he is tied up and ready for more interrogating from her once she plants her barefoot on his throat squeezing him. Then she switches to squeeze him placing her foot on his nose and mouth. He still won’t talk so she finds other painful ways to hurt him into giving her the info she needs. She further wraps her muscular thighs around his neck and squeezes for a considerable amount of time over and over attempting to get more out of him. She the worst when she starts to squeeze him using her round ass and crotch placing it on his face covering his way of receiving oxygen. As he panics and tries to beg she eventually makes him give up the info she wants and then its over him as she breaks his arm and ends up squeezing him to his end. There many POV shots throughout this clip for fans of POV femdom. .
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 15 Minutes
Price: $12.00 USD

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