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Willow and Paisley are roommates. They are haning around at home when Willow just tosses down her trash to the floor. The appauled Paisley decides to stand up for herself, as she is the only one who cleans up. Willow is not going to take any of it and tells Paisley that that is her job and she will keep cleaning all of the messes. They get into it with lots of hair pulling/grabbing, cheek smooshes, HOM with scrunched nose. They both refuse to be the one cleaning. Willow gets paisley on the couch with a camel clutch HOM and scrunching, paisley cleans of fthe back door with Willows face. They go back and forth up against the wall and on the floor, until one gives. Its when willow gets Paisley to agree to clean the house. Paisley agrees becuase her face is scrunched up against Willows feet and she can hardly breath through her pushed up nose. Willow stays longer making sure Paisley understands. The scene ends with Willow placing her foot in victory on Paisley as Paisley cleans the floor below in complete defeat.

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