Lynn vs Karly Headscissors Challenge

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Well Karly Salinas decides to show Lynn what special moves she knows and ends up locking on some of her scissorholds and doesn’t let go as she gets Lynn in a variety of scissors with ending up being K0d from each one. Karly just didn’t care to show any mercy on Lynn as she enjoyed her work of K0ing Lynn between her powerful thighs. After a while Karly finishes Lynn with her final Reverse Fig 4 and leaves her on the mats naping. Later Lynn comes in as Karly is stretching and begins her own scissor assault on Karly. She ends doing the same thing Karly did which was squeeze until Karly was K0d. Lynn didn’t show any mercy the way Karly didn’t and she locks just about every scissor position she could think of. When all was said and done Lynn had her own victory moment as she left Karly laying anap just as she was left alone naping on the mats. Maybe next time Karly won’t mess with Lynn without thinking twice about it..
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 17 Minutes
Price: $16.00 USD

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