Lynn Gets Revenge!

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Lynn is still knocked out when Chris goes back to check on her. He decides to nap on her until she gets up so he can dominate her more. Lynn starts waking up. She immediately puts him in a head scissor. She humiliates him the entire time, giving him what he deserves! She does plenty of face-sitting with her bare pussy. She attacks his cock and balls, giving him no mercy! I cant tell if he likes it or not at some points. Was this all a scheme to get what he ultimately wanted?! She punches him, kicks him while he is down, and leaves him in the same condition he left her…. Not naked! Knocked out with her phat ass and pussy on his face! Bet he learned his lesson! Wouldn’t you?! Probably not!! .
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $15.99 USD

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