Lifeguard Love Triangle

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Paisley arrives at work and shes excited that her crush, Gerald, is on the schedule. She grabs him up and leads him to the room. She strips off her clothes showing off her blue swimsuit that she knows he loves. She lays in bed and insist he wastes no time tending to her on his break! Later on Zoey sees Gerald in the hallway and brings him to the back room. She strips down to her sexy red swimsuit. She hops on top of him and and lets him know that he is all hers for the next 30 minutes! Later that day they meet up after their shift to discuss their day. After a bit Paisley and Zoey both say bye and call Gerald to go with them at the same time. Looking at each other puzzled and shocked with this new information, they both claim he is theirs. They now make him choose while posing. Thats an impossible choice. They decide they will fight over him. They go to the mats and without much small talk go right in for it. Paisley punches Zoey and then undercuts her stomach. Zoey punches paisley and gives her a low blow. This goes on for awhile followed by a pickup and bearhug then finally cat-balling on the floor. They both go out and wake up to argue over who won and who was out first. they decide to fight over it but thats not what their lover wants. They come to an agreement to share and all join in for the fun! They crawl over to their sexy lover ready to blow his mind two is always better than one! 
This clip includes: 
Low blow
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 16 Minutes
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