KOd In Bikinis Tiffani vs Asma

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Asma and Tiffani start out clothed and begin stripping down to their sexy bikinis. They lock up and begin wrestling to see who is the better woman and of course Asma with her experience takes over and really teaches Tiffani how she has ruled the mats for some time now. Asma loves humiliating her opponents with either facesitting them or just pinning them with a school girl leaving them helpless in between her thighs. After a while she puts Tiffani anap and expects to be done with her.
Later Tiffani sneaks up on Asma and teaches her how mean and rough she can be. She does some humiliating of her own on Asma. You can see the fierceness in her as she enjoys causing Asma some pain. Eventually it came time to put Asma to nap and Tiffani did just that.
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 18 Minutes
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