KOd In Bikinis Regan vs Kelly

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These two meet again and this time we see them in their bikinis battle it out. Of course with Regan’s experience she already get the upper hand on Kelly and has her twisted and bent in various painful positions. It seems like an endless barrage of suffering holds Kelly must endure from Regan. Finally Regan pins Kelly after putting her to nap.

Later Kelly sneaks up on Regan and locks in some bodyscissors and begins her assault. Kelly enjoyed her opponent’s suffering as she wore the biggest smile when hearing Regan’s screams of pain. Kelly made sure she squeezed Regan with her hand over her mouth when she could to further make it hard on Regan. In the end Kelly gets her revenge and pins Regan after a KO naperhold.

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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 21 Minutes
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