KOd In Bikinis Letty vs Paisley

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Letty Eli Makes her debut against Paisley who comes up to her and immediately doesn’t want the newbie around. They begin to lock up and Paisley teaches Letty a lesson on just exactly who she is and why it was a mistake to step on her mats. The intensity that Paisley outs into her holds and dominations haven’t changed in her long vacation and she still knows how to hurt people. After a while Letty is put to nap and pinned for the 10 count.

Later Letty comes back to get Paisley unexpectedly and proceeds to show her she isn’t some push over. She made sure she grab Paisley in a headlock full nelson and rendered her helpless for a good min before switching to headscissors and squeezed Paisley nearly out. Letty continued her aggressive bu sexy attacks on Paisley until she finally puts her to nap and pins her for the 10 count planting her ass right on Paisley’s face.

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