KOd In Bikinis Asma vs Nikki Darling

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New sensation Nikki Darling makes her debut against Asma and aims to show her what she gots. Of course Asmagets better and better with each match and looks to teach the newbie a thing or two. Asma was relentless in making Nikki suffer and might we add quite fierce and mean when applying hard holds and dominations. The enjoyment on the face of Asma as she applied pressure on each hold and move on Nikki eventually locking in a naper putting Nikki into Dreamland.

Later Nikki comes in and sneaks up on Asma after her stretch with a bodyscissors and full nelson hold on Asma. Nikki didn’t stop at that and her bratty attitude just made the moves and dominations that much sexier as she totally enjoyed her revenge on Asma. Nikki took more time hurting and making Asma suffer in different holds than Asma did. She taunted Asma and enjoyed her screams of pain. But eventually she put Asma down for the count and collected her victory over the Latina.

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