Kelly’s Dangerous Headscissors

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One thing you can’t deny about bratty 20 year old Kelly is that her scissors are strong for her petite 5 feet tall frame. Wearing a sexy thong and bra she shows Ray just what her scissors feel like. She is testing them on this poor sap and every time he taps she just keeps on squeezing. She does however stops squeezing only to move him into another position. She pauses at some points to gibe him a breather but only for less than a min and she is back to causing him agony. She has one of the sexiest but dangerous Reverse Headscissors on these mats and she has made many including females tap out to them. Too bad for ray she squeezes until he is out when she feels its time to put him out. A goodbye K0 plus extra footage of her continuing her dreadful reverse headscissors..
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 14 Minutes
Price: $14.00 USD

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