K0d In Spandex Kelly vs Regan

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Well new young 21yr old sensation Kelly wanted to give Dreamland wrestling a try. Too bad for her Regan was her first match and holy cow was it a rude awakening for her as Regan had no mercy for the new girl and aimed to teach her a lesson. Loads of dominations as she put the new girl in many holds that had her arms and legs twisted and bent all sort of ways she was not use. Kelly to her credit has some fire in her and she managed to get Regan in a few holds but that didn’t last very long at all. Regan was back to completely dominating Kelly in various holds until she used a sexy reverse fig 4 that had her ass pretty close to Kelly’s face and this left Kelly near finished for the taking as Regan PILEDRIVED Kelly into the mats and pinned her for the 10 count. Spandex Lovers Will Love This New Addition To The Series!
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 16 Minutes
Price: $12.00 USD

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