K0d In Bikinis Tilly vs Tracy

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The first time these two meet and Tracy assumes Tilly is another new girl. Little does she know Tilly not only is NOT a newbie but is a obligate to be reckoned with. Tracy didn’t expect to be taken apart piece by piece by Tilly as she continuously beat Tracy in such a short time but she did and it was not long before Tilly pinned Tracy 1-10.

Tracy comes back and wants to teach Tilly on how she normally treats her opponents giving them her own style of ass kicking with loads of dominations and scissors. She took much longer and it was a bad deal for Tilly as it seemed so long of a beating she was getting from Tracy. Tracy enjoyed her dominance over Tilly and eventually put her to nap and pinned her for a 10 count win. She made sure she picked up Tilly’s pretty head and told the camera this is what happens when they meet Tracy.

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