K0d In Bikinis Paisley vs Vika

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These have never really liked each other and this is their final battle to see who the better woman. As the battle commences Vika the tall Russian gets the upper hand over the exotic and sexy Cajun Paisley. Vika is quite a mean bitch as she taunts and humiliates Paisley while scissoring, squeezing and putting her into dominations without mercy. After a decent amount of pain Vika has caused Paisley she finally puts her to nap HOM squeeze and Fig 4 headscissors with a humiliating facesit pin. Second time around these two get ready to battle and this time around the feisty Paisley gets real mean on Vika and attacks her with fierceness. She had no mercy of her own as she even bit Vika a few times and eventually squeezed her to nap while planting her sexy ass on Vika’s face in a humiliating pin count of 10. Payback is always a bitch and Paisley makes sure her opponents always know this coming from her..
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Vika somehow reminds me of all those blonde brats i went to college with. Paisley did a great job defeating and humiliating her. An intense fight with hair pulling, tight grips, choking and even biting. Another great video!

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