K0d In Bikinis Jessica vs Tiffani Addams

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Jessica as usual comes to feel out her opponents and this time was no different as Tiffani Addams made her debut against Jessica and she took Jessica by storm. Jessica didn’t expect Tiffani to be so tough. Tiffani definitely showed Jessica just how feisty and mean she could be by holding her holds and taking her sweet time with them making Jessica suffer. Tiffani had some decent speed to her. Tiffani finally put Jessica to nap and it was goodnight princess. Tiffani made some nasty comments about Jessica not being the baddest bitch on the mats. Later Jessica comes back to tell Tiffani that its time to show her why she is the baddest bitch on the mats. Jessica laid it on Tiffani with long grueling domination holds with a lot of taunting of course. She had no mercy for the new girl just Tiffani showed her none. When it was all said and done Jessica squeezed Tiffani into a K0 and it was over for this newbie. Jessica add insult to injury when she laid on top of Tiffani and whispered she was the baddest bitch on the mats..
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