K0d In Bikinis Adrianna vs Tracy

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Finally these two meet and they from the start do not like each other. They start out in jeans and tee shirt and then strip down to bikinis and then the battle is on. Adrianna calling Tracy a newbie and immediately not having ny mercy locks Tracy in various holds and scissors making the Amazon struggle for air before she . Adrianna did not let up and kept it coming on Tracy not allowing her to catch her breath. After about 6 mins into it Adrianna starts putting Tracy into a dragon naper putting her down for the count. Adrianna taunts Tracy and puts her foot on her before going for a pin as Tracy takes an advantage and puts her in one of her own headscissors and squeezes her for a moment before releasing her just to put her into another hold. Tracy at one point really drains Adrianna with a Fig 4 bodyscissor. She K0s Adrianna one and pins her but isn’t done with her so she wakes her for more pain she is about to inflict on her. An awesome BEARHUG that has Adrianna up in the air showcases Tracy’s power as she squeezes he air out of Adrianna’s lungs sending her into DREAMLAND..
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Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 19 Minutes
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