India Teaches Ray A Lesson

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Well this is what happens when you piss off India. You get a beating from her and believe us she knows how to give one. India came in upset that Ray scheduled her against Adrianna again and she was tired of fighting her. She wore sexy tight shirt and tight jeans booty shorts and also complained about a raise as well. Ray didn’t take her seriously so he gets punched in the stomach and then she begins wrapping her gymnast legs around his neck and commences squeezing. You can observe her muscular thighs as she tightens more and more around his neck along with further taking his breath away by hand over mouth squeezes. She is known for her HOM squeezes and loves using them quite frequently. She sat on his face and covered his mouth with her ass and even squeezed him with her feet. Her taunting on him is quite sexy as she made sure to add insult to injury in this clip multiple times. She had no mercy for him and soon after a continuous painful lesson she was trying to teach him she finally applied a facesit neck squeeze that put him to nap. Not before he begs to be let lose but it was far too late when she made up her mind. .
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