In It 2 Win It

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Jani Nature comes in strong knocking sexy, tough Cilla down into a school girl pin forcing her to plead for mercy. Cilla then uses her thick muscular legs to drop her fearless opponent down into a tight scissor hold. Cilla shows no pity on Jani pinning her into grapevine with her big tits smothering poor Jani until she begs to be let go. That does no good as Cilla uses her strength to then leg lock Jani until Jani breaks free and puts dominant Cilla into the tightest choke hold finally getting some revenge. Tatty Jani does not know what hits her next when Cilla puts her into a guillotine until Jani taps out gasping for air but it doesn’t end there. Hostile Cilla grabs tiny Jani’s arms back and pulls her long thick hair into a head scissor forcing her opponent into submission. Angry Jani gives Cilla a taste of her own medicine and pulls her hair and arms into the same head scissor leading to a tap out. Bitter Cilla shows how strong she can really be and uses Jani’s own arm to put her into a triangle chokehold while trapping her free arm between her muscular thighs making it inescapable. You will not want to miss Cilla’s big sexy ass transitioning from a school girl pin to a face sit in this brutal match. .
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 23 Minutes
Price: $18.99 USD

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