I Enjoy Facesitting You

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New Bratty babe Jocelyn makes her debut on FU and goodness does she know how to completely suuuuuffocate her male victim James. She not only took his air from him in several squeezing positions but she also taunted him verbally and physically by simply rubbing and shaking her crotch all over his face just having so much fun on him and she even tells him she is. At some points she hops a bit on his face as well as put full weight on his nose doing a squat facesit. During mid clip after knocking him to nap she comes back in a much sexier outfit thong and proceeds to continue more of her squeezing but first wakes him with her feet on his face. After so much squeezing james took it finally took its toll and he is K0d at the end and its time for Jocelyn to pose with her cute self smiling away at the camera enjoying her victory..
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 21 Minutes
Price: $15.00 USD

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