FW Adrianna vs Paisley:Total Domination

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Our newest match is a battle between fan favorites, the gorgeous exotic Adrianna and the stunning Cajun model Paisley… Paisley defeated Adrianna and Letty recently in a triple threat cage match (don’t miss this match previously released on our store). So Paisley feels confident, entering the ring wearing a pro-style attire and carrying a championship belt. Adrianna, wearing a stunning bikini makes fun of Paisley’s attire and belt. But Paisley makes a mistake that no pro-wrestler should ever make; she gives her back to Adrianna!!     So Adrianna jumps Paisley putting her in a bodyscissors/ rear naked squeeze combo followed by a long tight triangle squeeze that has Paisley nearly out of her breath. What follows is one of the most humiliating beat downs we ever witnessed on RVQ entertainment. Adrianna really shows Paisley who the real pro-wrestler is putting her in multiple headscissors, squeezes and a variety of pro-holds (including a stunning double carotid squeeze and a leg squeeze); knocking her out multiple times and mocking her the entire match. She finally pins her for the 10 count and takes her belt, leaving Paisley snoozing and humiliated in the ring!!      .
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 18 Minutes
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