Faith The Sadistic Assassin

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Faith an assassin has a tied up victim and we come to find out she is addicted to hurting her victims. She doesn’t just assassinate her targets for a living she is now choosing random victims to satisfy her sadistic needs and urges. Here some poor victim who has no clue why or even what is going on. He soon realizes she is just crazy and she aims to hurt him and make him suffer horribly. For her this is extreme pleasure and she will enjoy herself over and over on him taking his breath away by suffocating him with her ass and pussy. She doesn’t care for his pleas for mercy and in fat laughs at him with no remorse for his life what so ever. As she continues her sadistic game she accidentally puts him into an eternal nap. She becomes disappointed and now she must go find another toy to continue fulfilling her sick needs. When she enters she starts out in her assassin suit but afterwards she then takes off her suit and is wearing sexy lingerie underneath by the end of this clip.
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 22 Minutes
Price: $16.00 USD

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