Elvia vs Asma Lingerie Prostyle

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Asma faces rookie Elvia in a sexy pro wrestling match. The ladies outfits this time are sexier than the traditional one piece wrestling attire. Still they face off in a pro wrestling battle. Both ladies use non traditional tactics, such as squeezes, foot squeezes to wear each other down. Asma is the far more experienced wrestler and it shows. Elvia tries her best but gets really put in a tough spot as Asma is much more dominant. Asma uses napers, Boston crabs, leg scissors, camel clutch’s. Its a grind for Elvia, although she also manages to use a camel clutch and some scissors on Asma. In the end Asma gets tired of Elvia and puts her out completely with a fantastic piledriver for the pin!.
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX Length: 18 Minutes
Price: $16.99 USD

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