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Hi! I am Paisley. I produce custom female action, competitive, and fantasy video clips. I also love shooting various other fetish clips! Please do not hesitate to reach out to inquire about what you would like.

Pricing varies depending on the type of content, length of clip, and numerous other add-ons. Please see below to get a general idea. Payments and scripts are normally requested a week prior to the shoot date.

RVQ Custom Prices:
10 minutes start at $300
15 minutes start at $350
20 minutes start at $450
30 minutes start at $650
40minutes start at $850

These are prices for our 2 girl and/or mixed custom shoots. Each additional girl is $100. Nude/erotic clips +$50-$100 Scene changes will be an additional charge Wardrobe changes will be an additional charge.

Additional add-ons:
-Custom in 4K +$50
-Priority delivery (3-5 days) +$50
-Expedited delivery (1-2 days) +$100

Standard delivery is anywhere between 5-14 days. Please specify if you’d like any of these add-ons. Some special requests are no extra charge and others require an extra fee. Scripts that are really long and detailed may possibly have an additional fee. All costs may be added up and altered once the form is submitted.

Any other questions you might have just add it after your script below:

    Use this to submit a request for a custom video.

    Video Title (You can choose what the title of your video will be. This is not a requirement, but sometimes clients like something specific.)

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    Please write down any other models you might want to substitute if your choice(s) are not available.

    POV (Point of View behind the video camera)*
    There is an extra $50 charge if you choose this option.

    Wardrobe Changes*

    Select how many times you want the model talent to change. This could be set changes, any type of clothing and/or bondage changes. An additional change is a charge of $25 per model. For example if you selected 2 models and one outfit change, that will be $25 x 2 =$50 because you have two models.

    Wardrobe Descriptions*

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