Cuntbusting Challenge

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Ryan convinces Zoey Chanel to meet him for a challenge. She agrees since she loves a good challenge! Especially if money is involved! He flashes $700 cash in her face!! The deal is that if she can last 15 minutes being cuntbusted various ways that she can have all of the cash he brought! She agrees! The challenge begins! He slams his foot between her legs crushing her cunt! After all, he doesn’t want to give her his hard earned money. He doesn’t hold back at all. Her body flies up with the momentum of his busts. She gasps, grunts and moans throughout while holding her cunt in agony. She is very determined to not give up. She continues to get up no matter how sick and swollen she is. He goes a bit over the 15 minutes really pushing it to the max. He puts the money in her face to bribe her to get up on last time. He uses this to his advantage as he kicks her cunt three hard times. She falls to the ground unable to get up again. She tries because she wants that win, but she fails. Between the various busts he smashes her tits with his foot. In this clip you can expect kicks from the front, the back, uppercuts, punches from the front and behind, knees, and more. 
Video Information:
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 PX
Length: 18 Minutes
Price: $15.99 USD

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